Looking Forward...

We dream of a place where all people belong because they are welcomed, loved, and accepted with the love of the Father and His Church.

We dream of a place where thousands of people will surrender their lives to Christ, follow in baptism, grow to spiritual maturity, and lead others to do the same.  We will employ every method possible to accomplish this goal.

We dream of a place where we start new “church planting churches” and congregations as fruits of a healthy and growing church, both in the states and around the world.  We desire to train church planters through internships and send them out with people and finances to start new churches and campuses.

We dream of a place where every member is active in ministry as believers identify and develop their God given gifts, talents, skills, abilities, and passions to fulfill the ministry for which God created them. 

We dream of a place where many believers are sent out to serve on mission at home and around the world through an intentional Acts 1:8 strategy.  We desire that many would answer the call of God to serve full time on the mission fields.